In an effort to stifle the spread of what they believe to be destructive ideologies, lawmakers in the UK have presented a bill which would prohibit Christians from marrying other Christians or adopting children.

Buried on the 127th page of the 300-page proposal is a deceptively-worded paragraph which would effectively mandate sterilization of all people of faith.

Richardson, one of the authors of the bill, explained, “This is necessary to prevent Christians from infecting children, either biological or adopted, with their denial of verified facts, such as evolution, the age of the earth, and the mythological nature of ancient religious texts such as those found in the Bible.”

A critic of the bill, passionately arguing against the measure, pointed out that same-sex couples are allowed to marry and adopt children. She went on to state, “It’s no different. If one group of people is allowed to marry and raise children, who are you to force your beliefs on others just because they don’t share your point of view?”

Davies went on to point out that, in the bill, homosexuals are not required to be sterilized. Richardson quickly responded that even in nations which forbid their getting married or adopting children, homosexuals are effectively sterile already.

A third-party observer commented that passing this bill into law would be as immoral and tyrannical as making marriage and adoption by same-sex couples illegal. Leave it to a random unaffiliated person on the street to point out the obvious.

This article is satire.

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