The following article was published by the American Family Association, urging parents to let Disney know it is unacceptable to allow someone who is not a heterosexual to be portrayed the same as everyone else in movies for children. They call upon parents to let Disney know they object to equality and will base their viewing decisions upon fear and hatred, veiled as morality, in hopes their children will carry on the torch of their bigotry and moral ignorance.

If a group was trying to stop Disney from portraying a Christian character because they briefly mention Jesus, Christians would be outraged at the perceived persecution. And yet they are doing the same thing to others who don’t follow their interpretation of their holy book.

I hope you, too, will vote with your dollars. Watch the movie in the theater. When it’s available, buy the DVD/Blueray or pay to stream it on a service such as Amazon Video. Suggest it to others. We all share this planet, and no one group should deny any other group the same freedoms they demand for themselves.

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